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Safariland Stukenbrock

Stukenbrock, Germany

Located 65-minute drive from Hannover, in the Teutoburg Forest, on the edge of the nature reserve Senne, Safariland Stuckenbrock has been able 
to provide the full indulgence of luxurious accommodations with nature at your fingertips. If you are into the eco-friendly ethos and want to combine the thrill of a safari experience and  fulfilling 
and relaxing holiday in a beautiful natural environ, capable to soothe you deeply with the perfection of its view, this magic resort will give you the chance to sleep in a cozy and luxurious mobile home 
and being at the same times only meters away from one of the most enchanting safari parks of Europe, home to over 600 species.

Mobile homes 2019

32 Mline 653 units finely furnished with delicate taste, a mild background pattern as wallpaper in the living room and pastel colors for textiles, keeping the space light and bright, and 6 Mline 804 units with that trendy and cool vibe ispired by Mother Nature’s green hues. All lodges have an imitation of wood frame all over the corners and a straw skirting all around the base. The houses are located in on a perfectly manicured lawn area and from the first row it is possible to watch the elephants and the cheetah’s fences. 

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Mittweg 16, 33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
+49 5207 952410