Relaxing waterside home

Nothing beats staying close to the water. The new Adria Floating home takes this to a new form of Floating resort from of accommodation for the marina, lake and river, or wherever  your imagination takes you. 


Simply nothing beats waking up to the sound of natural water or ending the day watching the sun go down, glinting on the water’s silky surface. Upgrade your existing resort or plan a new form of resort from scratch to attract new guests seeking novel and memorable experiences.

Key features

  • Modern larchwood exterior design
  • Marina style interior design
  • Innovative layouts
  • Functionality and comfort
  • Big panoramic doors and windows
  • Authentic porthole window
  • Wide range of options
  • Patented floating resort platform
  • Patented WOWFLUSH Eco-friendly toilet system
  • Different platform options, upgradable and configurable
  • Depending on the model, additional platform options are available.
  • Rooftop terrace

WOW flush

The WoW Flush system allows the management and purification of waste water, through an in line process that includes everything in a single tank as the first system that combines low consumption sanitary ware and wastewater purifiers that have 100% bio-based cycle. The product is certified according to the European standards EN12566/3&6.


Adria Floating Home interior is inspired and designed with blue and white colour pallete, soft textures and with a perfect combination of wood. The modern floor plan benefits from the panoramic, double glazed doors keeping the interior filled with daylight, and enhances the reflection off the water. 

Interior features

Designed for living with spacious bedrooms, prestigious kitchen and the hotel-style bathroom offer everything you need for an unforgettable and relaxing experience. All materials are carefully selected and easy to maintain. Now with private rooftop terrace with scenic views to remember. Spacious enough for additional loungers and space for socializing or dining.


454 H11

Cubedock 9,0 * 5,5m
Passerelle 3,0 * 0,65m
Mobilehome 4,5 * 1,0m

Bubble ø3m
Passerelle 4,0 * 1,0m

754 R21

Lounge (option 1)

Cubedock 6,0 * 5,5 m
Passerelle 4,0 * 1,0 m

Add option

House (standard)

Cubedock 9,0 * 5,5m
Passerelle 3,0 * 0,65m
Mobilehome 7,5 * 4,0m

Pool (option 2)

Cubedock 9,0 * 4,5m
Pool 4,0 * 2,5m

Add option

FR 1145

Cubedock 11,0 * 4,5m
Passerelle 3,0 * 0,65m
Mobilehome 7,5 * 4,0m

FR 935

Cubedock 9,0 * 4,5m
Passerelle 3,0 * 0,65m
Mobilehome 7,0 * 3,5m