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Marina di Rimini

Rimini, Italy

Along the fascinating and romantic overhead and 1300 meters long walkway surrounding the whole harbour, Marina di Rimini is one of the most modern and equipped harbour in the Adriatic sea. It offers everything the modern marina has to offer, both for the needs of travelers and other visitors. As such it is the ideal location for events, exhibitions, cultural and music performances.

Floating Homes 2018

We are very proud of the project that we started in the middle of 2018. The first two floating homes are set in a row, from the 8 additional planned. The first two placed units are two different models: 754 R21 and smaller "hotel" unit 454 H11. Customers can choose between different sizes of platforms, pools or even berths for smaller boats. The first responses are exceptional, since this kind of accommodation attracts a whole new segment of guests. Floating homes are designed for all calm waters beside the marinas also lakes and rivers.


Via Ortigara 80, 47921 Rimini (RN)