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Le Barcarès, France

A lively Catalan coast seaside resort located along the shores of the picturesque Mediterranean Sea, 5 minutes from the village of Barcarès in the Eastern Pyrenees and 15 km from Perpignan, Nai'a Village-Soleil Bleu by Nai'a is an all-year-round campsite that extends for nearly 10 hectares. Whether you choose the dinamic vibe of the Nai'a Village or the zen-like atmosphere of the Soleil Bleu by Nai'a, here you can take a proper wholesome break and detox from your everyday routine. Naia Village, truly has something for everyone. The campground offers top service, awesome surroundings and sightseeing attractions to be spoiled for. Naia Village suits all tastes and needs and offer 100% guarantee fun-filled, great value and fully organised holidays. A wide array of top quality amenities and one-of-a-kind luxurious and comfortable hotel (-feels like) Adria mobile homes.

Mobile homes 2018

We are proud to say we were chosen by 5 stars campsite Nai’a Village as ideal partner for our first project in France. Our products were recognized as the best solution on the market to enrich Nai’a Village’s location with the best accommodations possible. First part of the project included 21 XLine 454 H11 mobile homes -so called “Hotel” units. Nothing but luxurious and offering all the coziness and privacy that couples longing for a beautiful love-nest can expect. The homes feature a large living space, providing good connection to the outer terrace, a fully equipped bathroom and cute kitchenette which was designed according to client’s needs. The project was then extended to additional 21 high end MLine 905 R22 units. Extra open living space, wide panoramic doors and windows, opening up towards a dream-like terrace surrounded by a wooden pitch dividers that provide shade, freshness and privacy. A mutual “total look” was designed in order to interconnect all units and keep up a leitmotif: vertical Larchwood cladding and an elegant anthracite decorative portico. Successfully as it was, new XLine models are planned to be placed in 2019.

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Mobile homes 2019

In year 2019, we have undertaken a new design journey and embellished this auspicious project in Nai’a Village. We have passionately and intensely worked to carefully craft out of our new luxury XLine 854 F21 mobile homes the most up to scale units ever. Again, an elegant combination of vertical Larchwood cladding and sophisticated anthracite doors, windows and porticos, perfectly fitted in the surroundings and created the fil rouge with previous units. All mobile homes feature an effortlessly chic interiors combining grey hues textiles with wooden floor, creating a stylish and contemporary space with plenty of atmosphere. Placed in a wooded area providing plentiful cooling and soothing shade, easily enjoyable when sitting on the large terrace, being your open-air parlor. Terraces were designed accordingly to client’s needs and achieving a perfect implementation with the surrounding nature. Once again, new project on the horizon for the years to come.

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Route de Saint Laurent, 66420 Le Barcarès
+33 4 68 86 15 36