Adria represents a unique solution for your accommodation capacities. Adria Floating Resort is an upgrade to a standard mobile home that effectively attracts new guests and offers them even more impressive experience of staying.

Marina, lake or river, the placement of Floating Resort depends only on your imagination. Adria Floating Resort is a place of relaxation and ideal for waking up to the sound of the waves.

Offer your guests an exclusive experience with all the accompanying comfort. Wake up with a special view in a standout environment.

Relaxing sound of water.

A new way of living an amazing and alternative holiday. 

Floating Resort offers you all the ingredients for the perfect holiday:


  • Exclusive location
  • Comfort and Relax
  • Entertainment

Offer your guests more with majestic Adria Floating Resort.


Exclusive dealer for Italy:

Tech Park S.R.L. | 
Angeli Omar +39 334 3243818