Company presentation

Adria Home is an Adria Group member, which manufactures and sales mobile homes. In the last ten years, the company has with the help of technologically advanced production produced more than 10000 units that are constantly exceeding the expectations of our customers. The company has a 10 percent annual sales growth and only in the past season it produced more than 1500 mobile homes. The majority of the products (91 %) are exported to Italy, Croatia, Germany and Hungary. New foreign markets are opening every year.

The main competitive advantages of the company are expertise, teamwork, innovation, high quality products, experience, synergy within the Adria Group and also the location of the production which is important when entering our target markets. The company takes competitive advantage very seriously, therefore a lot of attention is dedicated to employee training, especially experts in the field of development.
Season 2014-2015 was especially important to the Adria Group members. In the year 2015, Adria brand announced the most important anniversary so far - 50 years of successful activity, development and existence on the market. The anniversary was celebrated with a renewed brand image that is reflected in the clever design of the new Adria logo. Mission, vision and values of Adria base on different aspects of our daily lives. Since the company follows its vision, it is also trying according to the 50-year- old tradition of knowledge, to create a synergy within the Adria Group. That is implemented by sharing good practices, upgrading company’s advantages and quality with innovative and functional technological solutions.

In 2016, the company continued with growth and further development of existing products. Also in 2016 Adria Home presented and launched completely new product line of Glamping tents. In 2017 the company will introduce innovatively designed new products, using its intelligent design vision ''Designed to Perform''.